Continuity of power supply in the absence of a phase or two phases for single-phase consumers

One of the most common electrical malfunctions, whether in the electrical grid or inside a facility a malfunction
Internal is a phase loss in a two or three-phase system.
in our world depending on electricity has become almost as necessary as air for breathing, we have become so dependent
In electricity in everything, At home – heating/cooling, lighting, TV, computers, and more.
In business, computers, production systems, storage, cooling/heating, all business management depends on electricity.
In the case of a lack of phase to the device, this causes a situation where a third of the device will not work and sometimes more
from a third if a large part of the consumers are three-phase.

For example if we take an office where 30 people work on computer in a state of phase loss 10 people will stop working because their computers will turn off.
Therefore the calculation of one hour is equal to 10 hours and so on.
For such a situation as in the office, street lighting, or at home there is a device called PCM, a phase loss compensation device. When a phase is missing, the PCM automatically detects the fault and takes a phrase from one of
the remaining hot phases, the compensation is very fast and in most cases, the computer, TV screen, Computer, or servers
does not turn off (15-30ms).
While compensating for the missing phase the PCM is suitable for single-phase consumers (at the time of compensation), the PCM is connected to Three-phase switching board and feeds the house, office or the desired facility with a normal distribution of three phases including
three-phase consumers and during the compensation the single-phase consumers will continue to work and the three-phase consumers will not work as it would be without the PCM.
The convenience of continuity of power supply is definitely needed and necessary in many cases can be critical.