Neutral Failure Protector Relay (NFPR)

Phasor's NFPR: Shielding Against Neutral Line Loss and Overvoltage

Phasor’s NFPR is engineered to safeguard sensitive and costly electrical equipment from the catastrophic effects of neutral line loss (floating neutral) and overvoltage. Uniquely, the NFPR remains operational during phase loss. It ensures voltage stability within safe operational limits, thereby extending the life and reliability of essential devices like computers, monitors, lighting, and motors, and eliminating the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Moreover, the NFPR offers protection against the instability of voltage during power outages and subsequent restorations, ensuring that your electrical appliances remain secure.

As an advanced solution, the NFPR promptly detects and addresses issues related to neutral line loss and voltage irregularities. Its continuous power system monitoring allows it to react to significant voltage fluctuations, maintaining voltage within safe thresholds for your appliances and effectively mitigating the risk of fire from overvoltage. A standout feature of the NFPR is its ability to maintain power without interruption, unlike other devices that may shut down during phase loss, ensuring only overvoltage triggers a power cut-off

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