NFP-R Neutral Failure Protector

Device for solving loss of main neutral line and overvoltages that are not affected cause phase loss

NFPR is a device that protects expensive and sensitive electrical equipment from the harmful effects of overvoltage
and voltage surges that are not affected by phase loss. By keeping the voltage stable in the permissible range, it Guarantees the longevity and reliable operation of computers, screens, lighting fixtures, motors, and other essential components, reducing the need for expensive replacements and repairs.
In addition, it also protects when the phenomenon of a power outage when the power supply is renewed sometimes the voltage returns higher than allowed and may burn electrical appliances, and with NFPR the electrical appliances are Protected!

The NFPR device is an advanced device designed to quickly identify and respond to neutral, and voltage issues,
Overvoltage and surge events. By continuously monitoring the power system, the NFPR detects any voltage movement
significant and takes place in response to the increase or decrease in voltage. This proactive approach ensures that the tension
will remain within safe limits for electrical appliances, effectively reducing the risk of fires caused by overvoltage or power surges.
The big advantage among other devices on the market is that the NFPR is not affected by phase loss.
The NFPR does not cut off the power supply in the facilities in the absence of a phase or two phases but only in the phenomena of Overvoltage.

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